It’s time to drive your career forward

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You need a job, but you deserve a career.

At Ahead Group, we are ready to help you build a dynamic career with an emphasis on the future. As experts on IT jobs in Japan, we can help you move into the position you desire. 

Join our diverse team of professionals at Ahead Group and see how team building turns into career building. We treat our employee relationships as partnerships and continuously strive to develop our employees’ skills and careers. Our blend of guidance and collaboration can put you on the upward path you desire. Explore the available opportunities in IT jobs by visiting our career portal

What we’re looking for:

  • Self-motivated individuals with a passion for developing and using new technologies. 

  • Problem-solvers who can find opportunities to improve business operations. You should have the confidence to voice your suggestions and the ability to explain solutions clearly and convincingly.

  • A positive attitude and the ability to collaborate with others. IT careers require that workers be able to function as team members.  

  • Employees who take pride in their work. Each employee at Ahead Japan plays an essential role in maintaining our rigorous standards.

Benefits of working with Ahead:

  • Choose from challenging positions in small, medium, and large enterprise environments. We’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect role for your skills and preferences.

  • Make new contacts, forge friendships, and strengthen connections at company-wide social events. You’ll enjoy sponsored lunches and friendly team-building activities regularly. 

  • We understand the importance of a sustainable work-life balance and will work with you to make it happen. 

  • We help you to build your career through constructive feedback. We focus what you do best, and offer opportunities to improve your performance and build on your successes.   

  • Get access to additional IT job training through optional classes and our online technical libraries. When you want to put in extra time to build your skills, we are ready to help.

  • Take advantage of our partnership with Temple University Japan, where you’ll be able to further your education and develop your skillset at a discounted rate.

Understanding job postings:

Most jobs will appear as either direct hire or contract. 

  • A direct hire job is typically a long-term job with benefits in which you work directly for the company. Terms like “permanent” and “full-time” usually mean direct hire jobs. Learn more about direct hire jobs

  • A contract job may be a short-term job lasting a few months or a position with managed services, which could last much longer. Contract jobs are a great way to experience different assignments and work with different companies if you aren’t sure what you want in the long term. The benefits and perks of contract employees usually differ from those of permanent employees. Learn more about the different types of employment in Japan

Job descriptions aren’t always straightforward.

  • Especially in the IT consultancy industry in Japan, job descriptions may not be all-inclusive. To understand the company’s expectations, be sure to ask detailed questions about your job responsibilities. At Ahead Group, we are happy to help you find answers.

  • Be prepared to be flexible and contribute your expertise and effort when you have an opportunity to do so. In a Japanese workplace, you are unlikely to hear anyone say “that’s not my job” or “that’s not in my job description.” The highly collaborative nature of most Japanese workplaces requires versatile skills and a willingness to use them. This is especially true of IT jobs in Japan. 

How to keep your career moving forward:

Ahead Group is dedicated to being the leader in the IT consulting industry in Japan. That means knowing about future IT jobs as well as the IT consultant skills that are most in-demand right now. We are committed to keeping our employees’ careers on an upward path. If you work as an IT consultant in Japan, why not leverage the experience you have acquired? We can help you with an IT consulting career change. You’ll be working with a company that is as forward-thinking as you are.