System Analyst システムアナリスト

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Ahead Consulting is seeking a System Analyst for a permanent role that we are looking to fill at an International Insurance Company in Tokyo.







 ・ 小規模開発案件のデリバリー
-    ビジネス要件の把握
-    ソリューション要件と設計書を作成・レビュー
-    システム統合テストの計画/実行支援
-    ユーザ受入テストの計画/実行支援
-    ビジネスユーザとアプリケーション開発・保守ベンダー間の主要な調整役となる

-    プロダクション環境のサービスリクエスト管理として、ビジネスユーザからの問合せ、調査、見積り、データ抽出、データ修正、設定変更等の依頼を受け付けてアプリケーション開発・保守ベンダーと協力して対応する
-    プロダクションサービスのインシデント管理として、発生したインシデントに対して、アプリケーション・リストレーション・マネジメントチームやアプリケーション開発・保守ベンダーと協力して解決にあたる
-    プロダクションサービスのプロブレム管理として、アプリケーション障害分析&改善チームと協力してインシデントの発生原因を分析し、有効な再発防止等の対策を策定・導入する


・ サービストランジション
-    新規アプリケーションの運用保守受け入れ
-    安全確実に運用保守フェーズへ移行するためのQuality Gate Reviewの実施とレポート


・ その他
-    若手のシステムアナリストのメンタリング、コーチング
-    チームの垣根をこえた改善活動
-    年間保守コスト遵守の為の運用改善



-    Java,.Net言語でのWeb/CSアプリケーション開発保守経験(3年以上)
-    Web Sphere Application Serverを利用したWebアプリケーションの運用経験(3年以上)
-    ミドルウェア製品を使用した他システムへのデータ連携開発・運用経験(3年以上)
-    7名/月以上の保守運用ベンダー管理経験(2年以上)
-    7名以上のチームマネジメント(社員)経験(2年以上)
-    複数Plat Formが関連するシステムテスト設計経験(1年以上)
-    ビジネス要件を潜在的なものも含めて引き出すだけのコミュニケーションスキル
-    同時に複数の開発保守案件を確実に推進するための段取力、正確、且つ、丁寧な仕事
-    インシデントやプロブレムに対してプロアクティブにスピード感をもって解決する行動力
-    現状維持に留まらず、常に改善意識をもち、必要に応じて利害関係者を巻き込みながら改善する推進力

-    情報処理技術者試験の合格(基本情報技術者試験 以上)
-    Oracle認定資格(Silver 以上)
-    CBAP資格
-    ITILベースの業務経験
-    英語による書面/口頭でのコミュニケーション能力
-    保守ベンダーと技術面で対等に議論できるだけのテクニカルスキル(特にWeb/CS系のITスキル)

(Job Purpose)
・ Minor Enhancement Delivery
System Analyst (SA) faces business users and elicits their requirements on small enhancement project delivery, such as new business or business improvement. Specifically, SA is bridging between Business Analyst from Biz side and Application development & maintenance venders from IT side and SA is mainly responsible for documentation about solution requirements to realize business requirements. Also SA participates in validation phase with Application Development & Maintenance vender and Business Analyst.


 SA is responsible to manage the expense budget, timeline and changes to approved small enhancement cases.

  Production System Support
SA has the role and responsibility in service request management, incident management and problem management to support the company’s BAU as a member of the organization with responsibility to stabilize the production services, by closely working with application development & maintenance vender, incident/problem management team.

  Service Transition
SA reviews new application and existing application which Application Development team produces and enhances/revises to ensure quality and stable maintenance and operation after project launch by proactively be involved in early stage .

(Job Duties)

Specifically, roles and responsibilities of SA are as follows.

Minor Enhancement Delivery
-    Understanding business requirements
-    Describing solution requirements and design documents and review
-    Supporting system integration test planning and execution
-    Supporting user acceptance test planning and execution
-    Act as the key person and liaison between business users and application developer and maintenance vender to coordinate.


Production System Support

-    To manage service requests in production environment, such as inquiry, investigation, estimation, data extraction, data update and configuration changes correspond in cooperation with application developer and maintenance vender.
-    To manage and solve incidents as production services, work closely with Application Restoration Management team, and application developer and maintenance venders to solve the problem.
-    Plan and implement effective prevention measures after analyzing the root cause of incidents with Application Root Cause Analysis & Application Improvement team as problem management activity.

Service Transition
-    Accept new application from Application Development team.
-    Conduct Quality Gate Review for AD Projects, report and give feedback of review results to stakeholders to move to stable operation phase.

-    Mentoring and coaching junior system analysts
-    Improvement activity beyond each team’s area
-    Improve the operation stay within the annual maintenance cost.


-    Experience in Web/CS application development (3 years or more) in Java, .Net languages.
-    Experience of operating Web application (3 years or more) using Web Sphere Application Server.
-    Experience in development and operation (3 years or more) in data linkage with other systems, using middleware products.
-    Experience in maintenance vender management of 7 person/month or more (2 years or more)
-    Experience of team management (employee) of a team of 7 persons or more. (2 years or more)
-    Experience in system test design connected with multiple platforms (1 year or more)
-    Communication skill to elicit business requirements (include potential requirements)
-    Arrangement skills with accuracy and courtesy to drive multi-projects simultaneously.
-    Action to resolve incidents and problems pro-actively and speedy.
-    Always thrive to be the driving force to make improvement, and involve stakeholders as necessary

Skills/Qualifications/Experience (nice to have)
-    Qualified to Information Technology Engineer Examination (Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination or higher)
-    Oracle Master Silver or higher
-    CBAP certificate
-    Work experience on the ITIL basis.
-    Communication skill to read/write/listen/speak in English.
Technical skills (especially Web/CS area) to be able to discuss technical matter with vendors on even ground

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