Consulting Services

At Ahead Consulting, we pride ourselves on providing full-scale consulting and advisory services of the highest quality. We specialize in spend optimization, organizational planning, and enterprise architecture. 

Backed by years of experience, our experts provide high-level, customized consulting services to your organization. If you’re looking to elevate your large business through enterprise IT consulting, Ahead Group can help.

How We Can Help

Are you and your company facing the following challenges?

  • Are you in need of someone with niche expertise?
  • Are you looking for someone with an outside perspective?
  • Are you looking to complement the existing team?

We partner with large and SME organizations to meet their unique challenges head-on with creative solutions. No matter the challenge, Ahead Consulting will rise to the occasion. 

Managed Services

Ahead Consulting can help take ambitious enterprises to the next level with our top-quality Managed Services. We approach our managed services from a foundation of strong partnerships and the flexibility to meet individual client needs. We go above and beyond to execute our managed services efficiently and with full transparency to our clients. 

IT Engineering and Support

Ahead Consulting provides high-quality IT-managed support. Our consultants’ span of knowledge covers all infrastructure and enterprise-wide disciplines.

Project Management

Ahead Consulting provides powerful project management tools in several areas.

Software Development

The Ahead Consulting group provides the following software development services to our clients

Staffing Services

Permanent Recruitment Services

Because we pride ourselves on providing quality service to our clients, our Ahead staffing service follows the same internal recruiting process we use at Ahead Japan

Dispatch/Haken Services

Haken is the Japanese term for a temporary employee. Haken are often dispatched to companies by a staffing agency and understand that they will only be working with a given company for a short time period.

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

The Ahead Group is happy to provide employer of record services for staff in Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.