Ahead Group Company Structure

Company History

Ahead Consulting was founded in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan, to provide high quality IT services to the finance and insurance industries. Ahead Consulting has since expanded with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore to support regional clients.

Ahead Group Ltd. was established in 2017 as the regional holding company for all Ahead subsidiaries.

Ahead Staffing was established in 2017 as an affiliate of Ahead Consulting to address the need for permanent recruitment and dispatch hiring in Japan.

CEO Edmund Gehringer

Edmund received a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and started his work experience in the IT industry during the ‘dot.com’ boom. He then worked at Hewlett Packard, and other dot.com companies, before progressing to work at the headquarters of SRI International in Menlo Park, California.

Edmund was born in Silicon Valley, California, around the fast-developing IT industry of the 1980s and 1990s. His technological interest in x86 PCs was sparked from his first home computer; a Commodore 64, which he still keeps at home.

In 2006, Edmund transferred his skills to the finance industry by relocating to Japan to work for Merrill Lynch. He went on to work as a project manager at Nikko Citi, Barclay’s Capital, and Morgan Stanley before founding ITCS Japan with regional partners in 2008. Edmund then expanded the business, leveraging his hands-on experience in investment banking IT to develop managed service solutions for finance clients.

Edmund left ITCS Japan to found Ahead Consulting K.K. in 2014, focusing on providing consulting and full-scale managed services to Fortune 500 companies. Additional regional offices and group companies were subsequently founded to support the growing need for IT consulting and managed services across the APAC region. Edmund, the regional Director and CEO of Ahead Group, works closely with local Directors to maintain a unified quality of service output to all of our clients, and prides himself on high ethical principles as well as accurate and efficient work.