Ahead Staffing, providing staffing services as part of the Ahead Group, delivers Permanent Recruitment, Dispatch (Haken), and Employer of Record services to our clients.

Permanent Recruitment Services

Ahead Staffing provides recruitment services to our clients following the same process as we apply to our internal recruitment at Ahead Group. We conduct multiple interviews by recruiters and internal management to assess ability/skill level and cultural fit, with references requested all before our clients receive a candidate profile. We only provide the select candidate profiles that we believe are the best fit for your requirements and environment.

Contact us at: getahead@aheadstaffing.net

Dispatch/Haken Services

Ahead Staffing is a licensed dispatch service provider in Japan.

Contact us at: getahead@aheadstaffing.net

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Ahead Staffing can also be your Employer of Record for staff located in Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. We handle all payroll, employment, and social benefits as per local requirements.

Contact us at: EOR@aheadstaffing.net